Did you know….

that Light visible to humans is usually defined as having wavelengths in the range of 400-700 nanometers, in between infrared (with longer wavelengths) and ultraviolet (with shorter wavelengths.) The Light that we can see with our eyes is just a tiny fraction (one ten-billionth of all Light in the electromagnetic spectrum which stretches from radio waves to gamma rays!)

The speed of Light in a vacuum is 186, 282 miles per second. This means that Light could circle the Earth 7.5 times in one second!

The main source of Light on Earth is the Sun, which is converted into life sustaining energy by green plants. Photosynthesis provides virtually all the energy used by living things.

The sun gives off more energy in one day than humans use in a year.

Fire is another important source of natural Light for humans. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire sharing stories whilst feeling warm and cosy?

Photography means “writing with light” and there are two times in a day considered to be ‘The Golden Hour;’ just after sunrise and just before sunset, where the light, colours and shadows are said to produce the best photos.

Some species of animals generate their own visible light, a process called Bioluminescence. 90% of all creatures living below 1,500 feet in the ocean, can produce their own light. How cool is that? This is also true of fireflies of course. (Do the Firefly meditation offered here in the meditation section to ignite your own inner light and shine it around.) In fact…. Drum roll please….humans are also bioluminescent, yes, we glow too, but we emit light that is 1000 times less intense than levels our naked eyes can see. So you can’t see it, but you do quite literally glimmer and sparkle and shine.

Truly, we rely on Light to brighten our lives and our world.

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