The message is in the name

Treat yourself, loved ones and the planet with these 100% natural deliciously aromatic products, hand made with love. I love all things natural and working with pure essential oils. I used to create them for myself and give them as gifts for Birthdays, Christmas or to say thank you. That’s how I discovered that other people loved them too. I started to think of a name to call them and one day in Topanga, Los Angeles the name came to me. ‘Love Gaia’. I loved it for its double meaning, both ‘love Mother Earth’ (Gaia is the Greek Earth Goddess and creatress,) and also ‘love from Mother Earth’ as they are all gifts from nature. I was delighted to discover that the name was available to buy. So, Love Gaia was born and I hope you love these hand-made, aromatic treats, made without any chemicals, as nature intended.

Having said all that, I make these all by hand and it’s just me so there is very limited availability. Please let me know in advance if you would like to purchase anything and allow some time for them to be made with love by hand and delivered to you.