Live Sessions

Invite more light in by joining me for Live Yoga classes, Meditations, the occasional talk on a Life Tool, or inspiring story from this world of wonder. Simply book here and we’ll send you the Zoom link for us to connect in real time, virtually face to face, for some nourishing yoga, Metta meditation or illuminating talks. All the information about each option, dates, times, prices (some of them are free offerings) and anything you’ll need is below in the relevant section. I so look forward to connecting with you Live online soon, and hopefully in person down the line! Until then, Luminous blessings to you.

Sunday Sanctuary

Restorative yoga and crystal bowls

Unplug yourself from all outer distractions and journey to the sanctuary deep within you. This form of yoga is truly an act of kindness to oneself, as you are supported in long held comfortable positions while yoga works on you, not the other way around. Allow your whole body to experience deep restoration leaving you feeling renewed, recharged and ready to be a better version of yourself.

You’ll need a mat, a yoga bolster brick and block (or equivalent pillows / cushions and books,) optional blanket and eye bag, and comfy clothes for the full restorative experience.

Sunday- 5-6.15pm 

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Yin Yang Yoga

As we each find balance between the more masculine, active, solar aspects and more feminine, passive, lunar aspects of ourselves, we contribute to more balance of yin and yang in the world. The first half we will warm up with the body flowing; muscles active, heart pumping, then we morph into the gentler, longer held more internal yin qualities as we cool down, leaving you with that elusive quality of balance of mind, body and spirit, no matter what is transpiring in the outside world.

You’ll need a yoga mat, bolster, brick and block (or equivalent pillows / cushions and books,) optional blanket and eye bag for savasana.

Wednesdays – 6-7PM 

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Metta / Loving Kindness Meditation

I feel that this is one of the single most useful practices we can be doing at this time on the planet. Join me for a monthly Metta Meditation, where we’ll conjure up a feeling of loving kindness at our heart centres, and send that love, first to ourselves, then loved ones, neutral people, those we’ve had difficulties with, Mother Earth and all beings, finally finishing back with the self. This is the ultimate antidote to fear and a truly wonderful gift for yourself, others and the whole planet.

Just bring comfy clothes, a cushion or chair to sit on, and an open heart.

First Saturday of every month 10am – Free


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Firefly Flow

Join me for a 30 minute flow, where we’ll ignite our inner light taking inspiration from fireflies, and bathe in that inner sun as we move through a brief but luscious luminous flow, warming our bodies at the same time as soothing our souls, and then finish by sending that light out to others and the world.

You only need yourself, a yoga mat and some enthusiasm.

Friday mornings 10am 

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World of Wonder

Travel with me as I share an inspiration or lesson from around the world relevant to the time we are living in, inspired by my own experiences from years of wandering around this blue marble we call home. Ultimately, whether funny or profound, whether we venture high into the Himalayan mountains or dive deep into the ocean, traverse deserts, traipse through jungle or visit bustling cities, the journey will lead us inwards and to what connects us all.

Be packed and ready with your virtual passport, drink of choice and sense of adventure!

First session to be announced – Free


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