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Luminous Trails is a site for light, combining travel, yoga, inspiration through quotes, books and films, and giving back - offering you life enhancing yoga experiences and adventures in some of the world's most beautiful places, and giving back through solar powered lanterns to people who live off the grid, literally brightening up lives and leaving luminous trails! 

Treat yourself to a unique Luminous Yoga class, or Luminous Trails trip or retreat; weaving yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and giving back so that it's as much a spiritual and inner journey, as it is a physical or geographical one. Feel free to  just browse this site for some inspiration. Soon there will be a shop here where you can buy books, access yoga sequences and meditations, documentaries and Love Gaia natural products.

Enhance your wellbeing whilst having an adventure and giving back through solar powered lanterns.

Spread light,
scatter sunshine,
Leave Luminous Trails...


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Quotes, books, films, giving back